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COVID-19: Positivity rate drops by 7.3% in Kamuli district, deaths drop

July 26, 2021 | By Busoga Health Forum

Since September 2020 Kamuli district has accumulated a total of 630 COVID-19 positive cases out of which 491 (77.9%) have been detected in the last 2 and a half months).

Out of 273 tests done at Kamuli General hospital, Namwendwa HC IV, Nankandulo HC IV, Kamuli Mission hospital and Kagumba HCIII between 19th and 25th July 2021, only 23 positive cases were detected (a positivity rate of 8.4% down from 15.7%). 13 positives out of 173 tests done at Kamuli General hospital, 6 positives out of 49 tests done at Namwendwa HC IV, 1 positive out of 32 tests done at Nankandulo HCIV, 1 positive out of 3 tests done at Kagumba HCIII and 2 positives out of 16 tests done at Kamuli Mission hospital.

A total of 3 deaths were recorded over the last 7 days (none in the community) bringing the total number of deaths to 60 deaths in 32 days (22 in the community).

Admission rate has dropped and total admitted currently are 5 (2 relatively stable).

We have registered 426 recoveries (could be more if retesting is intensified)

A total of 19 patients have been discharged from the admission ward at Kamuli General hospital.

Bad news

1.We have a low turn up for retesting affecting our reporting for recoveries attained.

2. We still notice congestion at funerals which may lead to another upsurge of community transmission that may undermine our hard earned success.

 Good news

1. Community deaths have reduced.

2. Our positivity rate and infection transmission rates have relatively dropped.


Update by Dr Duku Fred (DHO)