Mission, Vision & Core Values

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

“People in Busoga living healthier, productive, and more fulfilled lives.”

Our Mission

 “To bring together the forces of Busoga health professionals on an open and inclusive platform as a focal point to maintain visibility, solutions, and action on the health problems in the Busoga region and beyond.”

We at BHF take cognizance that addressing the health challenges in a sustainable manner will require a transformation of the socio-economic sector (education, health, food security, and livelihoods at a minimum).

The BHF leadership and membership resolve to associate and work together as the Basoga professionals in partnership with the Government of Uganda, CSOs, philanthropists, communities themselves, and the international community to create this vision.  

Our Values

  1. Impact

Producing measurable results in people’s lives that are adaptable, scalable, and sustainable

  1. Transparency and accountability

Efficiency in resource mobilization and cost-effectiveness

  1. Gender equality and inclusiveness

Child protection and safeguarding, disability, and gender

  1. Innovation

 Research and development aligned to the theory of change