Our Goals

BHF Goals

Three interconnected goals have been identified to act as the building blocks for the fulfillment of our mission:

1. Accelerating universal access to quality health

Through the development and application of information, tools, knowledge, technical excellence, and building sustainable capacity. In the interest of health equity, this work will concentrate on high burden, underserved and poorly developed services first and foremost. Working with existing public and private institutions and networks will allow for rapid action while building enduring capacity in the region

2. Solving local health challenges in Busoga region

Bringing together stakeholders backed by data and analyses to tackle health problems prevalent in the region and health system gaps.  Such region wide solutions go beyond the purview of any single discipline and will build wider networks and collaboration at national and global level

3. Build a sustainable business-oriented approach to health challenges in Busoga region

Busoga challenges can also be an opportunity. Some challenges include a very high infectious and parasitic disease burden – owing to its location as a tropical island – everything thrives here. The opportunity here would be to develop advance a) Advanced Health Research and Training institutions with Research and Development potential and link to industry and commercialization. Also, hospital care systems can be developed for a national and regional referral.

While BHF will have global perspectives, participation and reach, Busoga region will be accorded special priority.