BHF Membership

Membership Categories

Membership is open to all health professionals and promoters.
BHF offers you the best opportunity to impact lives and contribute to improved population health at reduced inequalities. You simply need to sign up and you will have joined a force of Busoga health professionals on an open and inclusive platform as a focal point to maintain visibility, solutions and action on the health problems in Busoga region and beyond. Please, say yes and make a choice of the type and category of membership you prefer and become part of this great journey to a Busoga that is healthy and that thrives

Membership Fees

The entry membership/registration fee is Ugx 50,000 for Certificate and Diploma holders, while Degree holders will pay Ugx 100,000. 

Please Note: You are however encouraged to visit our contributions page for further support to ease the running of the organisation.

Membership Benefits

  1. Collective Voice to engage and influence Government and other stakeholders on issues of health.
  2. Sharing, Learning and Networking through the platform character of BHF that fosters reflection space and open debate on important issues for engagement.
  3. Representation of members’ views and interests in lobbying for relevant change at regional, National, and international.
  4. Participation and involvement in strategy development and decision making to shape the direction of the organization in relation to influence decisions on BHF policies, priorities, and actions including attending the General Meeting.
  5. Opportunity to stand for election to BHF Governance Organs such as the Board.
  6. Members can provide comments and offer recommendations to the Governance Organs on matters relevant to the activities of BHF.
  7. Eligibility to vote and be elected to serve on the BHF governance committee and Board of Trustees
  8. Opportunity to get involved in various BHF – like activities in one’s own community to promote the response.