Imperial Hospital -Iganga

Imperial Hospital started in November 2021. The major reason for its set up was after an analyzation of the local area and quality of medical facilities around the area. There wasn’t a sufficient facility providing substandard services especially for the corporate class within Iganga, even the equipment to effectively care to sickle cell patients within the region was not there. Therefore, Imperial Hospital was set up with the aim of providing a service not so different from what you would normally find in an urban area in a rural setting and with quality services accessible to all. Imperial Hospital was also set-up with the aim of providing subsidized treatment to Sickle cells patients within Busoga region. As the only specialist private healthcare provider in the heart of Iganga with a wide experience of care; patients and their families are at the center of what we do and they continuously inspire us to be better care givers. With the strategic goal to offer latest and therapeutic services, the Hospital runs with the vision to make quality healthcare accessible for all. We have 6 specialty clinics so far and a pool of trained consultants who provide latest treatment options to our patients. Imperial Hospital is equipped with sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic equipment like a registered Laboratory, modern scan, maternity with a neonatal unit, fully functional operation theatre and many other cutting-edge technologies for performing complex and advanced surgeries. Our emergency unit is fully equipped to handle chest pain, stroke, burns and other routine medical cases. Imperial Hospital LTD is a fully registered company and accredited by the ministry of health as a medical facility. We so far have over 5 organizations Including private companies, NGOs and government organizations as our panel clients. Owing to its location on the main highway and proximity to the central police station, post office, URA, major banks and Taxi Park, the hospital is accessible to patients coming from various regions of the region.